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"We were so delighted with your presence at our festival...You truly were uproariously funny!!"
-Myron Grant, OutCharlotte Festival Co-Chair
"She’s so down to earth, working class butch. Comics come and go but Ripley is a keeper! The good ones last a lifetime."
-Nick Leonard, Producer Q Comedy
"-Girl you are wicked funny."
-Kate Clinton
"One of the funniest comics out today."
-Ron Santora, KQED TV San Francisco
"Karen Ripley was the story of the night. With a deadpan delivery rivaled only by Steve Wright and possibly Eeyore."
-Steve Palopoli Good Times Newspaper

-San Francisco Chronicle

"How soon will you have Karen come BACK to perform?" "I have never laughed so much during an hour in my life!" "She's incredibly funny and witty.""One of the most enjoyable evenings I have had in a VERY long time!" "I was not sure I would enjoy lesbian humor all night long, but she talked about EVERYTHING! Sure glad I didn't miss this." These are just a few of the comments that I heard the night that Karen Ripley came to our little part of the world. I knew that Karen had never played much in the "South" (as she puts it), but Springfield, Missouri, in the Southwest corner of Missouri and the home of Attorney General John Ashcroft Tom "TR" Roush Executive Director, ShowMe MO Pride We enjoyed your show to no end... You have lost absolutely none of your edge over the years. If anything, your material is even more relevant to me, and my generation now. We don't have too many voices in our community that haven't 'sold out'..You, and your talent speaks to all of us, and the message I've always gotten is 'be proud, and keep a sense of humor about yourself."
-Cat Campbell, PrrrfectPics
"When I watched the video last night, I finally got to see the show. Seeing parts from the TV screen didn't give me enough of an idea. Your set was hysterical! I was laughing so hard and YOU had the toughest act to follow. You just up there, referred to forgetting your slides, and then just had the audience in the palm of your hands, as you moved onto your style, your jokes... I thought it/you were brilliant. Now, that's a pro in my book."
-Lisa Geduldig, Producer Kung Pou Kosher Comedy/Funny Girlz
"What makes a comedian funny? Maybe it's keeping a straight face; perhaps it's creative one-liners; what about those comics that single themselves out as the joke of the night? Karen Ripley has it all."
-Steve Palopoli, Good Times Newspaper
"Emcee Karen Ripley opened the show, and her laid-back folksy delivery made the audience feel right at home."
-Donald V. Calamia, Between The Lines Newspaper, Triangle Foundation, Michigan.
"You are a "historically interesting figure. I have had the good fortune of seeing you in person, so I know, personally, that you are a "hysterically interesting person. I, and others like me who think it is important to document the history of lesbian comedy, we’ll be bothering you."
-Nancy A. Hellner, Ph.D., Director Women's Studies Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ
"Karen is one of the finest lesbian comics in the country. Her deadpan delivery and rubber faced expressions belie a sharp-witted satirical edge to her very peculiar take on gay life. Her outrageous monologue on female genitalia size bragging rights ('If men can do it, why can't women?') had most of the audience crying with laughter."
-QComedy Review SF 2003

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